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At Almatec Solutions we mainly work with key Microsoft Business Solution- Microsoft Dynamics AX (previously Axapta). For years Microsoft has been delivering best ERP applications that maximize efficiency and improve reporting capabilities. We evaluate specific business needs of the industry and optimize solutions that would give you competitive advantage.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you can

Work faster and smarter

Consolidate reporting; get better insights for important decisions. Powerful business intelligence will enable you to compare results across divisions, identify weak spots and solve issues.

Share information

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you can share information between your front and back office and guarantee efficient daily transaction processing and reporting.

Automate your supply chain, streamline your business processes

Reduce manual processes and increase productivity with automated workflow. Schedule production, get real time alerts, optimize order fulfillment and reduce shipping time and costs.

Guarantee great customer service

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a great tool to collaborate with your customers, suppliers, partners and employees. You would be able to better estimate your delivery times, inventory levels, manage orders and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gain competitive edge

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you will gain competitive advantage by having more flexible system and being able to adapt fast. Because it is Microsoft product you will have not to worry about research, development and optimization. Microsoft’s team will do that for you.

Go Global

Dynamics Ax is capable to handle different currencies, taxes, etc. You can use same product in different countries and consolidate your data.

Choose easy transition and well documented training material

Microsoft Dynamics AX has similar interface as Microsoft Office which means that employees will have better buy- in and easier transition to this product. Well documented training material can be provided and explained by experts making your employees productive fast.

React to changes in demand and cost

With better data management and reporting capabilities you will be able to react faster and find new market opportunities. Get real-time visibility into ever-changing costs and get more room in pricing negotiations.

Drive growth

Microsoft Dynamics AX will help you turn insight into opportunity, improve operating margins and increase cash flow.

Get fast ROI

Improved efficiency and lower costs will guarantee faster return on investment. Different licensing options will give a flexibility to buy exactly what you need and add options later if needed.

Almatec Solutions can offer industry specific solutions for your business. Our expertise includes solutions for distribution, manufacturing, sea ports and maritime, chemical industry, property management and real estate, retail.
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