Business presentation of Dynamics AX features

Discover Dynamics AX

Streamline and accelerate your business processes, improve your productivity. Consolidate reporting across departments and get better insights. Sign up for short presentation, drop us a note at

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Portrait of group of young professionals going over documents with their senior manager

Automate your supply chain

Track your inventory levels, manage multiple warehouses and shipping locations. Automate your supply chain by optimizing fulfillment, reducing shipping time and costs. Explore Dynamics AX capabilities with us!

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Improve reporting

Improve reporting capabilities and get more insights to make important business decisions. Eliminate administrative chores with automated workflow, use data to act fast. Tell us what reporting capabilities you need and we'll go that extra mile to get your system work for you.

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Almatec Solutions is an experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation and consulting company. We analyze the core business requirements of the company and offer efficient end-to-end solutions that streamline their business processes and maximize the Return on Investment. We also help companies to recover from failed implementation and get your project back on track.

Dynamics AX implementation

For years Microsoft has been delivering best ERP applications that maximize efficiency and improve reporting capabilities. Our consultants will go an extra mile to make your implementation smooth and cost-effective.
Almatec Solutions can help:
• assess your needs
• design solutions that would work for your industry
• implement solutions
• train your employees
• give continuous support after implementation

Support and Consulting

We offer quality support services for our regular clients as well as clients who had Dynamics AX implemented by another company. Whether you are experiencing unexpected problems, or are looking forward to tailored solution we are here to help. Our consultants work onsite or remotely based on your needs. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Dynamics AX Health check

We will make a complete assesment of your software and make suggestions on how to improve performance to its peak capacity. Whether it’s technical issue or code review we will make your system run smoothly.


Almatec Solutions provide training for employees to ensure smooth transition to Dynamics AX as well as adaptation. We adapt our training based on end user skills and experience.

Industries we serve


Forklift vehicle
Microsoft Dynamics AX can help distribution companies in every aspect of their business: orders, supply chain and inventory management, shipment. Almatec Solutions consultants can help you:

  • Streamline operations, automate your business processes and get better insights
  • Improve supply chain capabilities
  • Deliver better customer experience by providing accurate delivery estimates, delivering on-time and using integrated CRM capabilities.


Microsoft Dynamics AX can improve manufacturing capabilities by simplifying operations, decreasing your cost and providing intelligence for smarter planning. Almatec Solutions can help you:

  • Implement lean manufacturing methods
  • Get deeper insights
  • Increase your operational efficiency

Chemical Industry

Young female researcher pouring chemicals
Chemical industry has very specific needs such as complex scheduling and active ingredients. Our clients in chemical industry are able to track inventory status for any product in the formula and assign dynamic overhead costs. Our consultants can help you:

  • Achieve your quality standards while maximizing yields
  • Optimize your operations: orders, production, inventory, distribution
  • Reduce manufacturing and labor costs with better production planning tools

Sea Ports and Maritime

Hong Kond Sea Port
Microsoft Dynamics AX can help Sea Ports manage vessel information and schedules as well as billing and invoicing. Our consultants have experience in implementing:

  • Vessel database solutions (registry, schedules)
  • Automated invoicing of dockage, wharfage, rent
  • Property management of berths and warehouses

Property Management

Real estate industry
Microsoft Dynamics AX can be used by property managers and real estate developers to manage property rentals and real estate sales. Almatec Solutions can help you:

  • Manage your leases, contracts, billing
  • Centralize property information, plan your resources
  • Manage property sales


Microsoft Dynamics AX allows retailers to connect with their customers and provides real-time visibility of critical data for effective store management. Almatec Solutions can help:

  • Get insights into customer behavior
  • Support your point-of sales
  • Manage stores, supply chain and distribution
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